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| home | site search | outreach | see/hear index | spring 99 table of contents versión español de este artículo (spanish version) optic nerve hypoplasia pediatric visual diagnosis fact sheetâ„¢ reprinted with permission from blind babies foundation definition optic nerve hypoplasia (onh) refers to the underdevelopment of the optic nerve during pregnancy. Use liquid viagra The dying back of optic nerve fibers as the child develops in utero is a natural process, and onh may be an exaggeration of that process. Viagra with alcohol drinks Onh may occur infrequently in one eye (unilateral) but more commonly in both eyes (bilateral). buy viagra online ireland Onh is not progressive, is not inherited, and cannot be cured. Onh is one of the three most common causes of visual impairment in children. buy viagra super force erectile dysfunction pills Causes in most cases there is no known cause of onh. Infrequently onh has been associated with maternal diabetes, maternal alcohol abuse, maternal use of anti-epileptic drugs, and young maternal age (20 years of age or less), but these factors account for very few of the total number of cases. cheapest viagra to buy All races and socioeconomic groups seem to be affected by onh. Characteristics onh may occur by itself or along with neurological or hormonal abnormalities. name viagra women india Hormonal problems not apparent in early life may appear later. Children with onh demonstrate a wide spectrum of visual function ranging from normal visual acuity to no light perception. viagra cialis online The effect on the visual field may range from generalized loss of detailed vision in both central and peripheral fields (depressed visual fields) to subtle peripheral field loss. can buy viagra chemist A high percentage of children with onh have associated involuntary rhythmic movements of the eye (nystagmus). prescription free viagra london In most cases, the nystagmus is associated with significant bilateral reduced visual acuity. Onh is a stable condition. half price viagra tesco Visual function does not deteriorate with time. buying viagra online without prescription A mild improvement in visual function may occur as the result of maturation processes of the brain. buy generic viagra online cheap In some cases, reduced nystagmus may also occur. do teenagers use viagra Depth perception may be more severe if vision loss is great. Mild light sensitivity (photophobia) may occur. buy online viagra Diagnosis onh is diagnosed by direct examination of the eye by an ophthalmologist. No current laboratory or radiographic tests will establish the diagnosis. cheap generic viagra Many infants who are diagnosed with optic nerve atrophy are, in fact, children with onh. buy viagra online ireland Sometimes visual functioning can be predicted from the appearance of the optic discs. bayer viagra side effects However, it is very difficult to predict visual acuity on this basis alone. buy generic viagra on line Visual and behavioral characteristics the child's vision is characteriz. Viagra canadian online pharmacy buy viagra online

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